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Read selected reviews of Lucy's works. (Note: most links take you out of this site.)


Ardent Clouds - reviewed by Strange Horizons (Reproduced on this site)

"an extraordinary piece of fiction"

Ardent Clouds - reviewed by Chasing Ray

"I've continued to think about this one long after having read it."


Shadow Alley - reviewed by

"Great reading and very entertaining"


A Tour Guide in Utopia - reviewed by Cosmos Magazine

"A Tour Guide in Utopia is among the most stimulating and entertaining Australian books of 2005."

Absolute Uncertainty - reviewed by Strange Horizons

"a witty and meticulous style"

The Revognase - reviewed by Karen Brooks at the Australian Book Review (Reproduced on this site)

"The fate of the Revognase and its unwitting owners is full of surprises and twists that will keep readers of all ages enthralled"

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