The Revognase Print

"Lucy Sussex's The Revognase, the third novel to be set in the imagined world of Quentaris, is flamboyant and action-packed. A world created by series editors Michael Pryor and Paul Collins, Quentaris is a mix of medieval and high fantasy, and is itself a gateway to other worlds. Sussex tells the comical and adventurous story of the mysterious Revognase, an object from another land, that has somehow fallen into the hands of young Junko Pardner, a cave diver. The Revognase has the ability to make people's deepest desires and unspoken wishes come true, often with disastrous and hilarious results. Shifting from host to host, the Revognase is soon wanted by everyone in Quentaris, and a race for its possession ensues.

Sussex draws on familiar characters and scenarios in the Quentaris series, as well as inventing ones of her own to make this story irresistible. From the opening prophetic words to the final scene, the fate of the Revognase and its unwitting owners is full of surprises and twists that will keep readers of all ages enthralled."


Review by Karen Brooks 

Australian Book Review,  September 2005

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