Black Ice Print


Mixing new-age mysticism with computer technology, BLACK ICE is a 21st-century, 'haunted house' story for young adults where access to the spirit world is only a modem away. When the Attard family buy an ultra modern house of glass, aluminium and concrete overlooking the sea, they get more than they bargained for. For tough-cookie Syb Attard, who is going through a Goth phase, making contract with the "night side" is all a bit of a lark until Hille, the psychic housekeeper, arrives with warnings about the presence of 'black ice'. For all the virtual reality of this suburban fantasy, real blood gets spilt when psychic meets psycho. And Syb discovers that she is not the cynic she thought she was.

ISBN 0733604560
Format Paperback
Category Fiction
Publisher Hodder Headline
Publication Date 1997
Pages 186

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