Grace under pressure Print

Someone asked me what do you do with an adverse review.


Well, it is not a good look to quote said review on your blog with sarky comments. Especially if you are famous. One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was: 'Never respond to a review in writing, no matter how just your cause, because you will just look like a sensitive little plant.'

While getting other people to write in angrily on your behalf is another response, if there are too many it will look like you slipped them $20 each to do so.

Challenging the reviewer to a duel has its attractions, but remember that a murder rap is really, really, not worth it. Unless you want to write true crime, of course.

I personally like the C19th tactic of inviting the reviewer to tea and being devastatingly nice to them. 'Would you like some guilt with your scone?'

Many are the ways of revenge and the best tend to be subtle, and cold.