Some Introductory Words Print

Lucy Sussex here, venturing into my very own blogland. About which I have some ambivalence, best expressed in that I nearly called the blog 'Universal Age of Deafness'. The phrase derives from Milan Kundera's THE BOOK OF LAUGHTER AND FORGETTING, being his projection of the future, where everybody had graphomania, an obsession with the act of writing (books). He wrote that this state occurred when a nation had no significant social change, a high rate of social atomization, and the material wealth for people to devote their time to 'useless activities...creating a wall of mirrors" around themselves. Very true. I wonder what he thinks of the Net now?


The other qualm is that blogs resemble ephemera, and not the useful ephemera that libraries collect, such as antique election posters.


That said, what I intend to talk about is the life of involvement in the 'universe of words'. I edit, write creatively, do scholarly research, and review. Expect remarks on any of these subjects, and more.