Saltwater Launched! Print

We had a great launch. The site was Feddish, an eatery off Fed. Square, where the Melbourne Writers' Festival is being held. At 11am I turned up early, to find most of the choir there, dressed in matching black, with the altos going over their (difficult) part. Robyn Annear the launcher turned up next, with her patent spring-loaded booklauncher on a trolley. Julian Warner (in cravat) was MC, and at 11.30, with a full house, we began. First up was actress Suzette Williams, reading Sarah Harrison's account of a near shipwreck, from 1884. Then the choir, with yours truly on soprano, heartily sang 'For those in Peril on the Sea'. Next I spoke, giving thanks to various folks, & telling the story of how I sold the book (had a loud conversation with film critic Jim Schembri at a publisher's party, & the publisher overheard!). Then the steampunk costumers grouped around Robyn (also in costume) as she spoke. Her finale was to launch the book into the air via the booklaunch machine! People I had not seen in years, including writer Alice Nunn were there, and I am told we sold out of books. Thanks to all concerned for their contributions. At 2.30 the same day I would interview Kim Stanley Robinson, but that is for another blog.